The Arts Junction

The Arts Junction is my ongoing thesis project for my MArch Architecture degree at the University of Nottingham. The abstract and perspective below have been selected from my interim review on April 4th 2017.

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There is strong precedent for how the introduction of high speed rail networks between major cities can lead to significant economic growth for the towns and cities involved. My thesis explores why this occurs and how the benefits can be maximised through the architectural and urban strategies of the station and the surrounding transit orientated development. A key finding within this research is the importance of integrating magnet buildings within the transit orientated development and maintaining a clear relationship between themselves and the station to attract non-travelling pedestrians into the area and allowing the station to become part of the city and not just a gateway into it.

Following the announcement that the HS2 railway network will now include a station in the centre of Sheffield, I have used my research to selectively analyse the city in order to identify the appropriate site for the proposed HS2 station and select a magnet building which reflects both the culture and needs of the city, an arts college. My thesis proposes both an urban strategy for the transit orientated development highlighting key principles for regenerating and activating the area, and the architectural designs of the arts college and HS2 station.